I started August off by upgrading to a massive blue, big boy kennel! It’s so big that my raiser can comfortably fit in there, but don’t worry, that was a one time thing. This month I’ve had two baths, but don’t worry, baths = yummy fancy treats! I spent a few days with various puppy sitters this month which meant new people to lick and plants to sniff. Scored play dates with Rolo, Fergus (ex Greco) and Cheshire! Turns out I’m a pretty polite playmate despite my lack of coordination.

I’ve been working hard on my perch, though sometimes (pretty frequently) I choose inappropriate things to perch on in my own free time.. hey! I’m a curious guy! My biggest win of the month was falling asleep outside a coffee shop at Park Royal. I’ve become a lot more chill recently but one of my sitters who has sat 50+ pups referred to me as the second spiciest pup that she’d cared for.

Had my first walk and talk at Home depot during which I stepped in a puddle, ignored the strong smell of spilled glue, walked up stairs, went through tight spaces and was overall a picture perfect good boy. That being said I turned back into a puppy the second we stepped outside so all my true colours were displayed. Here’s to more walks and good snacks.

Submitted by: Fiona Mak