This was one of the most exciting months EVER! First of all – GUYS! If you’ve never felt snow – you are missing out! I was a happy boy before, but as soon as my paw made contact with the white stuff – my life changed. I think the snow has magical powers, because suddenly there were people outside all the time. The neighbourhood humans love “sledding”. I’ve been working on remaining chill in exciting environments so I spent a good amount of time watching people slide down the hill.

Snow also meant photoshoots! Did you know that I look great with a white background? Just scroll down for some proof.

December also has people putting up decorations and pretty lights. I got to stay with a sitter who took me on a trip to see some beautiful lights, what a treat! We even had a Holiday Party in puppy class where I got to show off my most fashionable Christmas sweater.

I am now 9 months and very much am an adolescent. I weigh 73lbs and when I’m fully stretched out I am just under 5’3 from nail to nail. My raisers describe me as a loving, happy bowling ball. Because I’m a big boy I can walk further now, and I keep being told that I have a good physique for my dream job as a service dog! But it also means that I’m stronger than ever, because of that I’ve been learning to wear a Halti which makes me look like a real horse. The people keep talking about the New Year, and resolutions. So here are mine:
– Work even harder to become an assistance dog
– Keep getting fed yummy foods
– Become friends with airbud

Submitte by: Fiona Mak