New Year, New Me! Well, not really.. but a few things have changed. I started my year off with a trip to the vet to clean my ears. They sprayed some weird-smelling stuff into them, which wasn’t super fun, but after, I felt so much better! We also got to find out my weight, which was just over 75lbs! This pup is not so little anymore. 

I got to enjoy more fun snow time, but soon enough, I was ready for a vacation. I love the beach, so I considered Hawaii, but I decided it’d be too hot. The next option was Greenland, but that seemed too cold. In the end, I settled on a two-week-long Lower Mainland getaway! Truth be told, I think my raisers needed to focus on some human things, so they sent me off with some sitters, but regardless, I had fun! I stayed with 4 amazing sitters, one had a cat, and another had a dog (my favourite friend!) What more can a guy ask for! Sadly since I’m a pup in training, I didn’t get to test out all of their comfy-looking furniture, but I guess that’ll be an adventure for when I’m older. 

Speaking of friends, I met a neighbourhood puppy this month! He’s a really little black lab, and I LOVE him. Now, whenever I pass his house, I look to see if he’s there. The raisers were so impressed by how gentle I was with him, getting into a down and letting him sniff me, even though I was vibrating with excitement. I may be big, but I can be a gentle boy. 

Besides all that, I’m learning new things all the time. My teenager’s brain takes over sometimes, but I’m still managing to listen to the raisers and be the best pup in training that I can be! I hear that there’s a holiday called Valentine’s day next month. I don’t know what it is, but I better get cuddles!

Submitted by: Fiona Mak