Boy, oh boy! What a month it’s been! We started the month by getting on my first boat to go to Vancouver Island with my raisers. The ferry was big and loud but I was a champ! We spent the first half of the ride alternating between being inside and on deck. I love to go, go, go so settling isn’t my favourite. This was especially demonstrated whilst I attempted to sit by all the calm passengers, all I wanted was to say hi.. Alas, when it was discovered that we could remain in our car, we quickly retreated to the kennel.

The island is full of excitement! I met my first beached jellyfish (from a distance, BOO), stayed in a house that Emily Carr had visited 101 years prior and worked on my car manners. We even visited the grass outside the Parliament buildings in Victoria, where I looked handsome as ever. Once we got back to the North Shore I began making a few friends amongst the neighbourhood dogs. Man, they are so cool, my raisers say that I might need to work on chilling a bit more before developing those friendships.

Had my first in-person puppy class where I was informally reunited with my parents. Mama Nala is so beautiful! And papa Cleat is MASSIVE. Everyone says that I look just like he did as a pup, and though I won’t ever be a breeding dog, I can only hope to be just like my dad. I’ve met two sets of sitters this month, one had a bigger released PADs dog – Fergus (previously Greco) who really knew how to play! I fell asleep before I could walk in the front door when I got home. The second raiser had a 10 year old boy who made a phenomenal playmate and even taught me how to shake hands, I’m now a classy boy.

Yesterday I went on the bus for the first time. My raiser provided enough kibble to feed a small zoo, and I wasn’t complaining. I’m growing so fast that the raisers had to double my kibble intake (WOOHOO). Last they checked I was sitting at an impressive 34lbs, and my teeth are falling out to make way for the big boy teeth. There’s lots coming up and I hope that includes more peanut butter.

Submitted by: Fiona Mak