My month began with not one, but TWO house guests! My raiser brought home two co-workers who were almost as excited to meet me as I was to meet them (key word is almost). But, we all had to be polite and remember our CALM. During their stay I did my best to respect their space, which was sometimes pretty challenging, but all in all the raisers were very impressed by how well behaved I was with such a big change.

Outing achievements: During July my raisers and I branched out to doing more indoor outing as walking outside was too hot. I went in a few change rooms, many supermarkets, to the airport (see very dark and sleepy pic) and the mall. The raiser would scatter (my precious) kibble on the ground and we’d walk back and forth, and all around it. The trick is to not eat the floor kibble, because if you don’t then she gives out lots of treats. This is an old game, but always worth practicing! On our way out we visited the guide dog donation puppy. This guy used to startle and excite me, but I’ve learnt that he’s not worth all that energy. We stopped by the 35 years sign at PADS to take a celebratory photo, and then we went for a bath. My baths take place at a pet store where they have a weight scale readily available by the door. I now weigh 85lbs, making me a rather large boy!

Hopefully there are more fun outing coming in August, as I’m ready for anything!

Submitted by: FIona Mak