I’ve been living with my raisers for just over a month now, and wow, these people never stop taking my photo! Thankfully, I’m a natural model, but no one told me that I’d be in trailed by the pawparazzi everywhere that I go. We’ve been practicing what my raisers call CALM. Honestly, not my forte, but I’m working hard on it – also I AM a puppy! Everyday we go for short loose leash walks through the neighbourhood and the many trailheads and I’m an absolute rockstar. I love walking on any surface I can find, and although cars and fans used to scare me, I couldn’t care less now! Recently we’ve been venturing into more and more public places, and I almost always give my raisers 100% of my attention. People keep commenting how well behaved, clever and handsome I am, I tell my raisers that I deserve extra treats as compensation for being the great ambassador I am, but they aren’t sold… I love people, specifically the little humans, but I’ve been learning to ignore them (kibble over everything!) I’m now an impressive 27lbs, and greatly enjoy being carried like a baby. My raisers tell me that my dad (PADS Cleat) is 80lbs and they say that I will not be carried for the rest of my life because they value their spines too much, fair enough I guess. Anyway, it’s time for a nap – maybe by the next pupdate I’ll be 80lbs like papa Cleat!

Submitted by: Fiona Mak