This month began like any other, with lots of walks, pets and kibble. I’ve been working hard on perfecting my cues but still have some trouble getting all of my legs under during go-ins… Being big has some advantages, but it makes disappearing underthings a lot harder.

Something I struggle with is settling, especially in public, so this month we took more little outings to sit on park benches or outside coffee shops. I like trying to stand up and attempting to get the raisers’ attention, but I’m learning that this is not the right choice and that I get more treats when I just relax. Who knew relaxing would be so difficult??! 

I love food. I would (and used to) try to eat anything in sight! Now I’ve learnt that that’s not appropriate, but it is still a work in progress. Every day we practise it’s ur choice and aeroplane feeding to work on slowing me down and making me more patient. They even covered my WHOLE LEG in kibbles!! HOW RUDE! 

This month I went on vacation to my Dad’s person’s house! She was so excited to have a grandpup come to visit. We went to all sorts of places, coffee shops, yoga class and even Home Depot! But what made this even better was that my papa Cleat came to stay at MY house! Although we didn’t meet, we got to play with each others’ toys and people. SO much fun! I even went home with a stuffed panda and a new collar. 

Next month is my BIRTHDAY! I hope I get a cookie!

Submitted by: Fiona Mak