As mentioned in my last pupdate – one of my raisers is out of school and another is on vacation so I’ve been going to all sorts of places. I’ve gone to the bank, many supermarkets and even IKEA where I saw a puppy friend… PADS Cheshire!! When we were much closer in size we got to play at the park together – but since then I’ve become a lot larger than her. We were both so surprised that we lost our cool for a bit, but after some airplane feeding, and slow walk-bys we reached a calm ish state.

This month my buddy Dean came over to play, and it turns out that I get tired wayyyyy faster than him, so we took lots of breaks for me to rest. Being big doesn’t necessarily give you energy. For two yellow labs of similar ages, we look and are very different.

Near the end of the month I left my raisers (temporarily) to move in with PADS trainer Jackie and her family to work on some skills. With her I even watched a ball hockey game. This is like PADS bootcamp and sometimes all I can do is lie down on the grass. But that’s not all!! There is a different dog staying with my people at my house. My little half-brother THOR (2) from the Avengers Litter! He is 7 months and known to have some qualities in common with me. Though I’ve never met him I can confidently say that he’s very smart and handsome like me and our dad.

Since I’ve been away, we have passed my gotcha day – hopefully my raisers have plans to celebrate in June.

Submitted by: Fiona Mak