This month began TERRIBLY. Firstly, I had to wear this embarrassing cone! Do you know how hard it is to sleep in one of those things?? Every time I’d try to roll over, it would get stuck on my kennel, which is annoying and noisy. That’s not the worst part; I wasn’t even allowed to run! I actually discovered a new trick, which is how to get out of my cone! The raisers didn’t like this, which I felt was super unsupportive, and instead, they found a heavy-duty cone. Rude. It was a boring two weeks. That’s not entirely true.. we got our first snow, but my raiser took me outside in my cone because she thought it was funny that I was a snow cone…Disrespectful. Thankfully that dark period of my life ended, and I was free to explore the world again.

For Remembrance day, I donned my poppy, though I didn’t join any memorial gatherings as I was still recovering.

My raisers seem to really enjoy looking at furniture and not buying it because I was back at IKEA AGAIN! I can’t complain, it’s a great place to show off my cues and practice some skills, but you’d think that they would at least buy me a king-sized bed.

I stayed with a sitter near the end of the month who took me to the library and a senior’s home. I’ve stayed with her before and have visited the exact same places, and apparently, I’ve become better behaved since she last saw me. Good news!

If assistance dogging isn’t my career path, I’ve already found the perfect alternative: modelling. I can pose, I can smile, and I’ll work for kibble. It seems like a win-win if you ask me. But I guess lots of people have the main gig and a side gig, so I could always be the next big thing AND an assistance dog. It’s hard being so multitalented. Maybe next month, I’ll wake up being able to speak human, so I can verbally pass on all my earlier complaints to the raisers.

Submitted by: Fiona Mak