My month started out great! Our household got into the routine of the new school year, and I continued mastering my home office dog role. The peace was disrupted when I was told that my Roan cologne was too much and that a bath was in order. I used to be decently anti-bath, but age has made me bath-neutral, so I complied. I left with a belly full of Bosley’s provided treats and smelling like oats and honey.

Now, smelling ready to conquer the world, my raisers brought me to IKEA, but this was no ordinary trip… They ate dinner with me (mostly) under the table, something they’d never been able to do with me in public. We were in the family section, and I stayed calm and collected, with little to no attention. This earned me LOTS of love.

We then practiced my go-ins under as many pieces of furniture as possible. You’ll see in the photo that this chair was not big enough for me… But I am figuring out how to stay out of peoples’ way, and now, more than ever, we receive shocked reactions from people who haven’t noticed me.

Like last year, we went to the Halloween store. I still don’t really get it, but I looked at lots of weird clothes, toys(?) and BONES! There was even a shaky floor that I lay on. It was surprising at first, but I willingly climbed back on with a bit of encouragement. While admiring the bones, I was told to dress with this weird chain thing that I carried on my neck for a while. The humans loved it, but I was confused.

Another cool thing I did was go and visit the sea dogs! A sitter I once stayed with had a fish, but my sea life exposure has been low. Honestly, I thought the people and other PADS pups were more interesting to me than the fish, but that’s no surprise! Last year for Halloween, I was a shark because, as a little puppy, I had shark teeth. So this year, my raisers chose a costume for me to fit my personality again. I’m yellow, I love food, and for a while when sitting, I had a little tubby belly, so I was made into Winnie the Pooh! We had a PADS Halloween party class, where I got to show my friends my outfit. We ate lots of kibbles, played games, and I succeeded in a room with 10 other puppies. This was no easy task, and everyone was very proud of me. I planned to wear my costume on Halloween night, but a few days before I could, we got a big call. On Halloween, I was to be neutered! I did not understand what this meant, but now I have to wear this annoying cone, and I can’t run around. It seems like a rough deal in comparison to living my best life as Winnie the Pooh, but at least the vet staff were nice. Hopefully, next month has no cones.

Submitted by: Fiona Mak