September was a big month full of cars rides, off-leash fun, birthdays and cuddles. One of my raisers spent the summer working away from home for half the week – and since her summer job is finished, I have even more people to hang out with all day! We’ve been practicing riding the bus and walking around in public. Since last month I’ve become far less distracted by people and plants, which my raisers say is a BIG win! Dogs are far more exciting, but we are working with it. When I do play with other dogs, I’m told that I have pretty good manners, and I get down to their level if they are smaller than me. (I’m pretty tall for a puppy!) I have been working hard on my sits, downs, perches and beds. I have a bright orange collar that I wore for a while, but when the heavy rain began, its dye ran onto my fur, accidentally dyeing part of my neck orange! Despite this fashion faux pas, I have remained a phenomenal model – feeding my raisers’ paparazzi tendencies. One of my awesome sitters gifted me a beautiful raincoat which I have now learnt is NOT a toy! I do not like the rain so the coat is a helpful addition to my wardrobe. We wandered around Spirit Halloween one day to see how I’d react to the animatronics – I was cool; then be, the raisers, however, were a bit spooked. I didn’t even react when a big spider jumped towards me! I’m a brave boy. 

One super fun update is that since my big boy teeth have come in, I’ve become less nibbly and more cuddly. I love a good snuggle all 56lbs of me. One of the raisers’ birthdays was in September, and so was my 6 month “birthday.” We got one slide of human carrot cake and a slice of puppy carrot cake and feasted like kings! Hopefully, October is full of more yummy food and snuggles. 

Submitted by: Fiona Mak