This month was such a busy one in our house! One of my raisers went back to school so she is gone some days, and she leaves me at home! Apparently, working from home better suits my calm practice than a busy university campus, but I hear that there are puppies that go to a human university, so maybe one day I’ll tag along. Until then, I’ve been paying my dues as a foot warmer. Calm is always a priority, but as I get older my threshold has grown so much. This means that more casual outings can be done!

In my photos below you’ll see me gracing the supermarket with my presence, attempting (an admittedly sloppy) go-in at the library (I’m 85lbs of dog, and the bench was small, I tried!), and lying under a table that was covered in children’s activities for the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in the middle of the mall.

As much as I love my fans (the general public), I’m getting the hang of focusing on my person. When not strutting through the community, you can find me relaxing and getting comfy at home, perching on walks or gnawing on my bones. Since September was still pretty warm I had a few final wades in the creek before the water levels rise and the temperature dropped.

Hoping to continue my indoor and outdoor explorations next month!

Submitted by: Fiona Mak