Despite COVID, Robbie continued to get out to the woods and have a few on-leash walks every day.

As COVID restrictions relaxed, he was able to accompany me to several work meetings – all outside.

One involved a ferry ride, which he is used to and seems to enjoy.

Towards the end of the month, Robbie went camping with sitter Liz and her husband and had a great time.

Robbie loves to swim, and jumps in to creeks, lakes and the ocean when given permission.

This month he came across 2 potential treats (an apple and a bagel) that had been discarded in to the bush.  In both instances, he dutifully brought these to us, rather than gulp them down.  We were very impressed, and he was duly rewarded.  His recall is getting better and better and is almost immediate from any distance.

Submitted By: Chris Klar