Robbie has just returned to the lower mainland after spending a few months having training adventures on Vancouver Island with his best buddy, Sven! Robbie has been learning to go for walks beside a mobility device – Robbie likes to go at a slow or medium pace beside the scooter. It’s a great way to get exercise and build new muscles!  

After a nice ferry ride from Swartz Bay, Robbie is on his next adventure at Puppy-U at the Burnaby campus! He’s happy to be here and has been easing into training with new sitters and handlers by making sure to take his nap and play breaks. He likes to relax on the bed in the training centre between training sessions. Robbie has shown that he has pep in his step and increased engagement. Since being back, he’s been showing off where his skills are at while practicing movement skills on a homemade obstacle course. He’s been a very busy boy! We are excited to see what he’ll get up to next!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Margaret, Training Program Manager and Juniper, Instructor’s Assistant