Rufous has had quite an exciting August.

He has transitioned into a new home so wonderfully. He has been a lucky boy and had two one-on-one training sessions with Tamara that have shown what a stellar boy he is. Very smart and already wanting to work and learn at a great pace. This month he has mastered “perch” and free shaping “chin to ground”. He has been excellent with his recall.

August exposed Rufous to some extenuating circumstances and we were evacuated from our home in Lake Country for 9 days due to the fire in our community. Rufous got to venture to visit family in Calgary – who have two VERY large Bernese Mountain Dogs who enjoyed trying to get to play with him. He was so great at adapting to the changing environments (and likely high stress on his raisers!).

This month he also had some great social excursions including a doctor’s visit, IKEA exploration, the Vet for his 16-week shots and rabies, countless trips to Costco and grocery stores, and even a canoe trip which he did so well on.

Excited to continue to watch this amazing boy learn and grow.

Jenn and Rich

Submitted by: Jennifer Roue