I haven’t written for a while, but that was because I moved to a new home and was getting used to my new raiser. My new raiser works really hard everyday and I support her. I work by her side and don’t move an inch unless she asks me to. I enjoy that type of work. I also have a roomate, Roxy the cat, but she doesn’t really like to play with me … maybe it’s because she is old and tired and has to take lots of medications.

I love my new neighborhood, there are so many other pups living here and I am just dying to meet them all. My new raiser however says that I need to practice how to meet them very politely, otherwise I don’t get to play with any of them. I am trying very hard to understand that and I have behaved very well when I met a couple of the little pups by the elevator. I find it harder outside though, it just seems like that’s where we should have fun together.

The last two months ( June – July) have been a bit hard. It was so hot and then smoky that we didn’t go outside for as long as I would like, but I insist that my raiser takes me swimming almost every day when it is so hot so that I can cool off and practice watching other dogs playing without getting too excited. I also encourage her to go shopping with me, I am such a good help in the supermarket.

Until next time …

Submitted by: Sylvia