Sawyer’s had another good month. She’s still tiny – only 29 lbs at nearly 6 months old – but healthy and happy. She is starting to mature and develop a nice calmness to her, though she’s still an avid worker.

This month she’s gone grocery shopping and to the mall, to a Canucks game, to the Remembrance Day ceremony in Whistler (she struggled with the cold but was good with the crowd), to the garden store, on the Skytrain and many other places. She takes it all in stride. She is highly social and wants to greet people in public by jumping on them, so we are working on maintaining focus on her handler in these situations. She is great off-leash with excellent recall. Her biggest struggle remains to be in her kennel during the day, but we are making large strides in that area.

Sawyer will make her next appearance on Tune In Tuesday on the PADS Facebook page at 1 pm on Tuesday, December 13th.

Submitted by: Jackie Clark