Sawyer arrived from Australia with her buddy PADS Franny just over a month ago. Sawyer is an avid learner – she loves to train, and is a joy to be around. She settles well in the home as long as we are close by; being in the kennel and missing out on the fun is her biggest struggle, so we’re actively working on that. She has good confidence in public places.

Some of our outings this month have included PetsMart and Bosleys, Save On Foods and Superstore, a Vancouver Whitecaps game, a recreational hockey game/restaurant, shoe shopping at the mall, and she has done well in all of these environments.

In addition to comfortable kennelling, we’re working on “perch” (putting two feet up on a block), sit, settling on a bed, loose leash walking, and being able to disengage from the environment.

Sawyer lives with two bunnies, retired PADS breeding dog Nav, 3 kids from 11 – 16 years old, along with Evan and myself.

Check out Sawyer’s next Tune In Tuesday appearance on the PADS Facebook page on Tuesday, October 11th at 1pm.

Submitted by: Jackie