This month Scramble has been learning all kinds of things! She has been working hard on building a full retrieve and perfecting closing doors. She is also learning to help someone if they fall. Scramble loves to help her trainer Amy around the house by ensuring all the doors are closed. She is a great little helper. We have done quite a few field trips this month where Scramble has been able to show off her beautiful obedience (thanks to her amazing puppy raiser!).

When Scramble isn’t working, she loves to play with her brother Trek, curl up at anyone’s feet, and relax. Next month we will introduce novel objects for her to learn how to retrieve and introduce a foot target. She is a lot of fun to work with and is up for anything!

  • Skills being learned: Retrieving, opening/closing doors, body targeting
  • Recent field trips: West Edmonton Mall, Homesense, Canadian Tire, Superstore, local dog park
  • Possible behavior challenges: None to note at this time
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Scramble!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer