On the last day of September… I said goodbye to my mum and siblings to go off on a new adventure!  I was a little nervous but happy to find 2 new friends, Tiki and Keeley, who look just like me (but BIGGER!) and have been through all this stuff before… They told me they would take care of me and life was going to be a lot of fun and that I was going to go on a lot of new adventures – and they were right!!

So far I have been to lots of new places.  Sometimes I have to wear a funny little vest, but I don’t mind; I just like being with everyone. I’ve been to these places called “stores”, “physio”, “massage”, “friends’ properties”, “parks” and lots more!  I’ve seen horses, chickens, cats, cows, lots of dogs… I love all of it!  So much to see, but mostly I just like to focus on my person… She gives me lots of treats!

I still get to see my mum, grandma, and even some siblings, as well as many new friends.  I love to go on car rides (adventures!), play and learn new things like sit, down, better go now, how to walk nicely on a leash, not to eat food dropped on a floor, and to look at my person… that’s a lot for me, I’m still young after all 🙂  Sometimes it makes me tired… hmmm, tired… I think I’ll go nap with my friends.  Thanks for reading!!

 xoxox Scramble-y Bambley

Submitted By: Puppy Starter Shannon Boucousis