Sweet Sequin had play dates with her dog friends, and PADS Kombi even slept over one night in December. She’s much calmer around the cat but still likes to play with him, give him kisses and even accept kisses from him as he grooms her face. Sequin is an easy puppy in the house and seems to be able to regulate herself very well – going from excited to calm very quickly. When greeting people, she has an unfortunate new habit of jumping up that we are working on. She just really likes people. LOL!

Sequin is fun to train. She’s a real thinker when you’re working with her. You can see the wheels turning as she tries to figure out what you want and offers different behaviours. Sequin is great at loose-leash walking and has a strong recall. A cold spell in December meant training skills indoors, so we worked on perch, movement and things like bed, down, heel and side.

Submitted by: Cheryl