While it may be officially spring, it’s still snow season in Calgary, so Sequin has been waiting patiently to hit the local parks with her advanced training friends. While we wait for better weather to arrive, we have been working hard on public access test scenarios and many field trips to places like the pet store so she can better generalize her alerting for when she is out in public. On top of tricky tasks like doing “go in” on food, Sequin has been fine-tuning her hearing dog skills – she is a very enthusiastic learner and shows that she is happy to ‘poke’ for anyone who has treats with them.

  • Skills being learned: Sound alerts for smoke detector, door knock, timer
  • Recent field trips: Homes Alive Pet store, Chinook Centre, Brookfield Place
  • Possible behavior challenges: Too much joy to share!
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Sequin!

Submitted by: Miranda, Advanced Trainer & Assessment Coordinator