This month was VERY exciting! I got a backstage pass to hang out with the Superdogs at the PNE! I’m told I was a VERY good boy. It was very interesting to watch all the crazy antics of the dogs there, but I’m still pretty comfortable keeping things more low-key and relaxed. My biggest struggle this month has been keeping all “4 on the floor” when greeting humans. I’m fully aware that humans don’t love it when you put your paws on them for loves (weirdos) but apparently, they don’t even like nose boops to the forehead…with no feet!

For training, I’m working hard on getting my mechanics down for my obedience positions. This month my body seems to be cooperating a little bit more! I’ve been going out for more field trips to work on my skills in some “real-life” environments.

Submitted by: Emma Hedman