Serrano has had an interim interruption to his advanced training and transitioned to a longer-term sitting arrangement in December. This became a fantastic opportunity for urban life exposure during a busy month. Serrano was able to accompany me to work, where he settled like a champ in my office and behaved impeccably. He came on shopping excursions where he had to navigate crowds and maintain engagement, as well as social settings in restaurants and other people’s homes. Serrano was fantastic on all accounts. His calm energy often set the tone when there were multiple dogs at any location. He very quickly became the ‘favourite’ to many people he encountered, as he has the ability to make you feel like he loves you the most… something in his eyes! And the snow! Serrano loves the snow, albeit the super cold was a little much on his bare paws…. He much preferred frolicking in the snow rather than waking on the cold ice. But given the opportunity, he would have undoubtedly preferred… swimming! Wrapping up the month, We headed to Bowen Island to ring in the New Year and managed to fit in one last hike before wrapping up 2022. Serrano is an absolute joy to sit, and I feel very fortunate and grateful to have this time with him. He’s a very good boy!

Advanced training location: West Coast

Submitted by: Sarah, Advanced Training Sitter