Serrano was as cool as a cucumber on his first day at Puppy-U! Serrano is the sleepiest puppy I’ve ever met but was still mildly interested in his new classmates, sights and sounds. Serrano is the best boy and makes fast friends with pretty much anyone. He provides calm energy to all the dogs he bunks with; currently, he’s bunking with Gloucester. Serrano has made fast friends with Charm and Champ II. They enjoy lounging together outside before their lunch break, basking in the sun. Serrano takes his nap times very seriously, especially being extra tired from his transition. We let him lounge as long as he wants in the office, and boy is he a heavy sleeper! We took it easy over the last week and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office and playing in the yard. Serrano is a very good boy and is keen to show us the best-boy manners he learned while with his raiser.

Serrano has adjusted seamlessly to his sitters, handlers, and dog friends! Serrano quickly becomes attached and chooses his favorite people very easily after a few kibbles and cuddles. He’s very thoughtful and takes his time making choices while working- he wants to ensure he can do it correctly the first time (even though his trainers encourage mistakes too!).

A quirk that we are working on is his extreme thoughtfulness. We would love for him to keep trying when he gets things “wrong.” He’s easy to pep up, which is great to see as we build his confidence! We’re looking forward to exploring what he’d like to do for work.

Serrano has shown us how much love and care everyone has put into him being him. Serrano has impeccable listening ears, is easy to be around and is a lovely dog in general. Nice work all!  

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Serrano!

 Advanced training location: West Coast

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department