Well, I have met my new mom for the first time. I have only been with her for a short time. Apparently, I came to her on her birthday this month. Her last dog did leave a note for me, that told me to watch out for the cats (apparently they are a shifty lot). He was not kidding! I want to play with them all the time, but it seems they don’t like me much (yet). Mom says that I will fit in and find my own in our house. 

I have to say I have never seen a holiday before like this. Lots of people, food, and laughter. It seemed that even though I had just come to mom, everyone in her life invited me in with open arms. Mom runs a tight ship! Apparently, going after her shoes is not allowed! I have a lot to learn it seems. She tells me everything will come in time and that we have a lot of time to work on my skills.

Submitted by: Kristi Zukewich