This little girl continues to grow and learn. Some things she picks up in a heartbeat after only being shown a couple of times and other things are taking longer to perfect – like her sloppy sits! Shadow gets some experience with work-life – both at home and in the office (though at times she thinks she should be able to decide when the work day is over!).

Lots of fun meet-ups with other PADS doggos – both for training outings and fun adventures in the forest (which are also training but she just focuses on the adventure part). Shadow got to spend time at the mall with Maia and Flicker, walked with Tahsis, Indy, Pecan, Electra, Folie, Muse, Bonnie and Mosley and most importantly celebrated retired Walker’s 12th birthday. PADS Ranger was also in attendance and got to show Shadow just what a service dog can do. Equally important is lots of downtime and practicing being a calm and settled dog at home.

Summertime brings other exciting opportunities for puppies in training – a highlight was going to the Chilliwack fair with buddy Fernie. Shadow thought it was really great – until the goats looked at her funny and she got a little spooked. But after a little breather and more space, she was able to compose herself back into the little star she is and enjoy the rest of our time there.

Submitted by: Kailea and Suzanne