Shadow is quite the cuddler and loves to carry a stuffy around with her. She was out and about practicing the bus and the skytrain before taking both into Vancouver with a sitter.

This month Shadow spent time with two sitters who offered completely different experiences and she charmed everyone. She went to the beach, two theatres, different workplaces and a home office, and explored many new areas and sounds. Lots of photos were shared so we could follow along on her adventures.

Shadow has a calm demeanour which makes her a great practice dog for volunteers. A new volunteer was able to get some hands-on experience with a pup in training at Lafarge.

Now that fall is here, rain is a new experience for Shadow and she still isn’t sure about getting her toes wet. When it rains we have spent time outside just having fun and puddle jumping! She much prefers lying around in the sun on a warm, bright day.

Submitted by: Suzanne Rice

Bonus Pupdate: Did I tell you that I checked in for 5-days at Christie’s Resort in September, and it was fabulous! Woofffff, it’s been a whirlwind of fun and adventure, and I feel that we didn’t stay much at the resort itself. From bus rides to town, the shows at the theater and even some time at Helijet watching the helicopters come in and out of the airport – they really kept me on my paws! The folks there loved having me around. They admired my relaxed demeanour, even though they couldn’t help but mention how much beauty sleep I still need at my ripe age of 8 months. I’ve got to keep my looks up, right? 😉 I made sure to show them my cuddling expertise, seizing every chance for a good snuggle, and they were super impawssed with how gentle I was with their cat, Luna. I was on my best behavior with no barking or whining and followed them everywhere happily as long as there was a comfy spot for me to nap.

They also loved the fact that their morning routine wasn’t disturbed and found it truly enjoyable that I could keep myself entertained for hours with just two toys. I even had my own little paw-ty when they brought out the toy box! Overall, I had a blast, and I wouldn’t mind returning if it’s ever an option. I should ‘run’ as life continues, and I must return to my raisers…I bet they really missed me 😉 Submitted by: Sabrina, PADS Puppy-in-Training Sitter