Shale is in the fun part of advanced training, where we focus on her diversifying her alerting to sounds and taking those skills on the road. We are also taking advantage of the lovely fall weather and are enjoying taking training to new environments and outdoor locations like the local park. Of course, when you are at the park it can’t be all work, so there are plenty of play breaks with her training mates Maverick, Desi and Suzuki.

  • Skills being learned: Phone alerts, alarm clock alerts, polite manners
  • Recent field trips: Chinook Centre, Fish Creek Library, off-leash areas, Chasin Tails
  • Possible behavior challenges: Can be worried about the sudden appearance of strange people or dogs
  • Advanced training location: Calgary

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Shale!

Submitted by: Miranda – Apprentice Service Dog Instructor