Hi everyone, Sheen here.

I had the most exciting month this month. So many fun things and such hard work. My raisers had to go away for a week so I got to visit some new friends. I stayed with Jenny and she took me out for walks in the park with…… My DAD Zegen!!!! I was so excited to see him. I gave him all the kisses and chased him around. He was very patient with me and my puppy energy. My raisers say that my time with Jenny was very helpful in my journey and dog distraction training. This month I also went to the campus for my GDBart. There was so much going on. New friends were asking me to work. It was so much fun.

Finally, near the end of the month, I got to spend time at my sitter friend Kathy’s house. I was so excited to go there because she has a pool. When I got there, I found a new best friend Pads Electra. She is the best!!

Thanks, Jenny and Kathy for a Pawsome month.

Submitted by: JP