The month of December was a crazy month. Sheen’s first look at a decorated Christmas tree, his first snowfall, and his first presents from Santa!!! It took him a bit to realize that the tree wasn’t a toy, but he figured it out. He usually makes the right decision, and this was no different. Gifts under the tree were of little interest to Sheen, even the shiny ones.

Sheen was intrigued by the first little bit of snow we had. He loved sticking his little nose in it and fluffing it everywhere. The second snowfall was way different. Sheen LOVED jumping in snow that was almost as high as he was—digging, rolling and biting it as it flew by his face. He really prefers snow over rain.

Sheen also got to go to the mall with Tracy and some of his superhero friends. They were the talk of the town as they walked by distractions and toured the busy mall.

Sheen is still getting smarter every day. With his big brain comes a little bit of attitude. He likes to push his luck but is quick to fall in line and remember his training. He has a big voice and loves attention. Ear scratches and belly rubs are some of his faves.

December was another success, and Sheen is growing like a weed. At this rate, he will be 6 foot 3 and 200 lbs by March.

Submitted by: JP Urry