Hi Everyone, Sheen here with my Pupdate!!

June was quite a month. I had a BIRTHDAY! I turned one and had so many treats and got a day off of work. I didn’t like the day off, because I like working, but I took it in stride. I also made sure to be a good dog during all of the belly rubs and cuddles.

I also got to go on my first camping trip. I wasn’t sure why we were driving so far, but then once we got there….. WOWWWW. So many things to sniff, and so much excitement. One of my best friends even came on the camping trip. His name is Auzzie. He is a bit older than me and wasn’t keen to always play. (even if I barked at him)

After camping we had puppy class. I was on my best behaviour. I didn’t bark much, or get too excited to see Tracy. I’d say it was my best class ever.

Now that I am 1 year old, I am allowed to do whatever I want. Although, the humans are doing their best to stop me. I bark less now, it doesn’t seem to get me anywhere these days, and I am getting really good at figuring out what they are asking without asking. Lots of cones and clicks and treats.

I am also famous now. A store in our area put my picture up on the wall!!! Hooray for the Puparrazzi at Sports Exchange.

I am looking forward to a great July.

Thanks for reading,

Submitted by: JP