Hello, Bonjour, Woof.
Sheen here.

Katie and JP have asked me to submit this report on their behalf. They asked me to get it done at the end of the month. Sadly, I have been so busy learning, I do not know how to read a calendar…YET. So I hope this reaches you in time.

Without woofing my own horn, I have to say I am pretty darn smart. For only being 35 dog months old, I am crushing it. But success is about the work I put in every day. Except for Sunday…for some reason, we take it easy on Sunday. The one with short hair likes to lie in my bed, and we watch football. My favourite part about football is Halftime. That’s when we work. Sit, stand, down, click click click. Oh, and the snacks for football…are delicious. I feel that they might just be kibble, but they have fun names like nacho kibble, hot dog kibble, and pizza kibble. Now that I think about it, it may just be my kibble with fun names.

I still love my sleep and seeing my friends in the building. I am learning to jump a little less and pay attention to the task at hand. I am not perfect, but I have my moments. I love working and learning and taking care of my two best friends.

Thank you, Tracy and all the pups in my class, for showing me how to be better and thanks to everyone that donates to get me all of this kibble and the chance to be a superhero dog. Happy holidays everyone.

Submitted by: JP and Katie