This month Silky II has been perfecting her AFD skills in hopes of having her pre-placement testing completed soon! Way to go Silky! We have also been going on many field trips around the city and working on generalizing those skills. With all the beautiful weather this month we have also been spending more time in the river valley and Silky LOVES to play in the water! She continues to enjoy playing and training with the other dogs in advanced training and is looking forward to settling into her career as a facility therapy dog.

  • Skills being Learned: AFD deployment skills, hugs, shake, basic obedience
  • Recent Field Trips: CARE Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton Transit, IKEA
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: She can sometimes take a while to recover from things that worry her and some body sensitivity
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary

We’re so grateful for your support of Advanced Dog Silky II!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer