I split my time between my two raisers this month again. With my first raiser, I did a lot of fun summer activities. I went to the beach which I loved, but it took a lot of work to stay focused on my raiser! After some time I was able to calm down and nap. I’ve been getting very good at napping in public places.

I also went on lots of beautiful walks around the city. I visited downtown and walked all the way from the waterfront past Coal Harbour and to Stanley Park! That was very tiring so we took some breaks in between. I also went on a metal ramp over the water for the first time and I was a little nervous walking on the grate. I spread out my paws really wide and walked really slow but I made it across! The way back I was even walking faster because it wasn’t as scary as the first time. My raiser was cheering me on the whole time and giving me lots of treats, it was so nice. Not as scary anymore.

I also went on the bus again, which was awesome. I have gotten so great at ‘going in’ under the seat so that nobody steps on me. People always ask questions about me and compliment my handsome look. It’s fun telling people about PADS and my training.

At the second raiser’s home, I really enjoy having a run with my doggie friend every day. Having her around is also teaching me about managing expectations – not every kibble is meant for me! I haven’t done too much travelling this month, but I did go to the Derby Reach dog park area with some released PADS dogs. We had a fun splash in the river, and then some social time in the grassy area. I also got to see a horse ‘up close and personal’ at a small farm on the same trip – it was a little intimidating!

I’ve continued working on my loose leash walking, and am making progress. My raisers say it has been much easier to walk with me because I don’t pull as much as I used to! I’m also working hard to perfect my ‘heel’ and ‘side’ cues, and taking time to make eye contact before going through doors.

We spent some time in a pet store, getting used to all the wonderful smells there. Next month will be a change – I’ll be at a new sitter for this month while my one sitter starts a new year at university and my other sitter is away on an extended trip.

Submitted by: Alina