I spent the month with one of my raisers since the other one was on a well-deserved break.

We had a busy month. It started with a BBQ at PADS on July 4 instead of our usual class which was good practice being calm around other dogs (SO hard to do when they are labs!), and ignoring all the goodies and food.

I attended a Theater Under the Stars performance – but it was a bit much for me, so I didn’t get to see the second half of the show – oh well!

I went camping at Nairn Falls for 4 days and had a great time on some day hikes and then hanging out at the lake. There was a great dog beach, where I swam, sometimes with other dogs.

Closer to home, I had a nice beach walk at low tide, and then another 2 day/1 night camp-out at Golden Ears Park for some more hikes and swims. I also went to another baseball game this month and behaved very well in a couple of restaurants (well okay – I did bark once or twice, but that’s all).

I started sharing my home with a PADS-released dog in the last week. It was pretty exciting for me at first, but we quickly got used to being around each other.

I’m very happy to be in my day kennel now and understand that a bell means that I can leave. I’m doing a lot of adventure walks around home to keep my frustration levels down, but I’m also working on short periods of loose leash walking.

Submitted by: Christine