In June, some summer fun started! I spent lots of time outside visiting different places for the first time. I went to the Cove Cliff Elementary School fair in Deep Cove – there were lots of kids and parents to say ‘hi’ to. I also got to practice being calm around the other PADS dogs that were there.

The tide was really low this month, so I had a chance to run on the beach and get my feet wet. However, I did some real swimming at Golden Ears Park on a hike. This was all very exciting, and I was very tired when we got back to camp.

I’m going to my first baseball game this month as well – we’ll see how much of a fan I am (i.e. how many innings I can sit through). I’ll be working on my kennelling skills for the next little while – learning to feel differently about being in the kennel and leaving the kennel. I’ll also be working on my leash skills. It will be another busy month!

Submitted by: Alina