This month, as always, I am continuing to work on my basic skills of loose leash walking and recall. I also had fun at a special training class at BCAA that our class trainer set up as a rally-o trial – I found out that I need a lot more work focusing on commands when there are a lot of new, interesting items to walk around!

I am enjoying the sunshine this month, and love to sit in a sunbeam and watch the world go by. I got to spend one day with my first raiser – it was excited to see her again! I also spent one day at PADS, one day with another sitter and another overnight sit when my raiser had another activity planned that wasn’t dog-friendly. 

Unfortunately, to close up the month I had an accident and ended up with some cuts on my leg – this has slowed me down so I’m looking forward to getting the bandage removed in a couple of weeks.

Submitted by: Christine