May has brought a bit of a transition for me. I started staying with a new co-raiser for half the week. I’ve been exploring the new neighbourhood on my walks. We did a few new things – a visit to the UBC botanical gardens, attended a couple of orchestra practices (I’m still working on sitting through a whole practice!), a few work meetings, and I took a couple of rides in a bike trailer – the trailer was okay for short trips, but my co-raiser is hoping that I’ll be okay on longer rides eventually.

We went to a pretty noisy restaurant, but I was happy with my kongs stuffed with kibble and peanut butter. I am feeling pretty good about the new place, and we will see how it goes for the next while. Life has been pretty awesome, being able to go to different places around the city. I even went to a really nice viewpoint! The heat was a little hot for me, but I got through it and am ready for the next wave with lots of water!

Submitted by: Alina