I started this month with a walk in Pacific Spirit Park with 7 other PADS dogs (in case you can’t tell which one is me in the photo, I’m the 2nd dog from the left). Our group made quite an impression on others in the park and our raisers were busy keeping us in line, but we all got some great exercise and I’m pretty sure all my dog pals slept well that night!

Also this month, I’ve been to weekly orchestra practice, the grocery store, an optometrist and medical appointment, did two photo shoots at UBC with different groups, spent a couple of days at a sitter, and one day we took a walk on Wreck Beach. There, I did some swimming and a lot of sniffing and running. Then I had to have a bath which is not my favourite activity, but after, my fur was silky soft and smelt great. Finally, I took part in a fund-raiser karaoke night for Campus Canines.

I had my Public Access Test this month – I did amazing at sitting nicely while some frisky dogs walked right by me, and did pretty good at most of the tasks. However, the Golden Retriever in me makes me a little bit stubborn – and sometimes it can be hard for my raiser to get me to move. The good news is that the older I get, the less I’m doing this – and by the time I go to Advance Training, I should be over this.

I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit, so we ended the month with a walk through the sparkling Festival of Lights at VanDusen Garden on a lovely clear night.

Submitted by: Christine