I have been a regular at orchestra practice this month – I don’t really like the noisier pieces, especially those with the high notes, but I’m doing okay. The players seem to like seeing me there, and my raiser keeps me busy with peanut butter benebones, which I LOVE.

I had a few outings with long car rides this month – one to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve and one to an office in Ladner. I’m really good about waiting in the hatchback with the door open until my raiser cues me with “out”, which makes her really happy.

With the nice weather at the end of the month, I had a lovely walk along Wreck Beach and even went for a short swim in the ocean with my pal Marvel.

Halloween was great this year without the fireworks noise – and I got lots of practice going to my bed when the doorbell rang.

I am going for my temperament evaluation this week – I wonder what that will be like!

Submitted by: Christine