I was with two sitters for much of the month as my raiser took an extended trip. I did a good job of adapting to the new places. With the first sitter, I was back to school on the UBC campus for a few days, which was very exciting. Then, I was off to the second sitter for the rest of the time. There, I had a great time with the kids, and I got to go to some new places, including a ringette rink, school pickups, and a new workplace. My sitter said that I did a really good job of fitting in and they would be happy to have me back again sometime!

I was happy to be home finally and say hello to my dog housemate. I finished off the month by attending the UBC Inter-generational March to commemorate Orange Shirt Day, where I was happy to get some pets and hugs from those who attended.

I’m still working on walking with a loose leash and responding to my recall with distractions, but I had a big break-through this month, and am happy to sleep in my kennel at night now!

Submitted by: Christine