April has been a very busy month for me and my hoomans. We went on a road trip to Merritt to visit family. I got to play with two lady pups, but they didn’t like me much, but then Thor came, and he’s like me only blonde. We had a blast!! My hoomans took me out for dinner at a steak house, but I didn’t get anything. It sure smelt good!! We stopped on our way home at IKEA. What a big store!! We almost got lost, but I stayed close by. The people on the ferry loved me! I visited a few crew members, and they liked me too. I’m trying really hard not to pick up stuff off the floor. Each time I get something good, like a chicken nugget, my hooman goes into my mouth and pulls it out. I tasted it but never got to eat it. I’m trying real hard, and can’t wait to start advanced training to learn new things. Bye for now!! WOOF WOOF!!

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Smore!

Advanced location: West Coast (Vancouver Island)

Submitted by: Corry, Advanced Training Sitter