Storm II settled into the kennel quickly and became best friends with his kennel mate, Dash. Storm and Dash love to cuddle together when they’re tired out from playing or working. Storm has claimed the top bunk for himself. Storm had an easy week as we didn’t do much more than basic obedience, settling time in the training center with his handlers and playtime in the yard. Storm enjoys ‘school’ and is always ready to learn or work. He has an awesome happy energy that he brings to class every day. 

Storm has adjusted to working with the Advanced Training Team really well. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to training and is always willing to do something new. Storm really enjoys do nose targets and is having fun with the other new skills. Storm really enjoys spending time in the yard and has made a whole bunch of new friends. Everyone loves working with him, and he’s a joy to have in the kennel!

 A quirk that we are working on is dog distraction. Storm has shown he’s ready to learn and that he’s willing to come when called during moments of being distracted. 

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Storm!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department