Storm II continues to enjoy time with his PADS Advanced Training Sitter. He has learned to be very comfortable in his cape and is sometimes so eager to put it on that he jumps right off the ground. He continues to make weekly visits to Peak House, where the youth in residence absolutely love to see him, and he brings joy into everyone’s hearts. He loves to snuggle, whether it’s with his sitter or another dog. Evening TV time snuggles are a favourite for both him and his person. He also loves to play with other dogs and does a great job of disengaging from even vigorous play when asked to. He and his handler enjoy long walks in the forest almost every day.

  • Skills being learned: Interrupting nervous tics such as leg shakes and leash fretting and positioning himself as close as possible to his handler’s body when doing heels and sides.
  • Recent Field Trips: Dentist’s office, Doctor’s office, Gym, Restaurants, Elementary school classes, Secondary school special needs classes and malls
  • Working on: Walking into his cape on cue rather than jumping at it (i.e. toning down his enthusiasm). Improving his duration when in a long down. Maintaining focus on his handler even when in new and exciting situations. Remaining calm and focused on his handler when people start clapping loudly.
  • Advanced training location: West Coast

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Storm II!