Update : Team Storm II is doing wonderfully well! Jolene gave us this update on their life together:

“Storm II came into my life at the perfect time. I feel like he pulled me out of a dark hole. After my service, I was left in a pretty bad place. He has brought such joy to me, and it’s hard to describe. He has become a most cherished friend. We have been working together for a few months now. I cannot imagine not having him by my side. I have been able to go on hikes/walks and feel comfortable in the outside world. I have been able to travel and socialize with friends and family in a new way. I haven’t done this in several years. I have met other clients in the PADS community, and they have become wonderful companions along this journey. I wake up each day and am amazed to see Storm – his soft nose, loving eyes, and warm heart greet me each day!

Thank you to the many people – staff, volunteers, trainers, donors, and sponsors who loved and cared for Storm II along his path to me. I am grateful every day for this amazing canine partner. “

We wish Jolene and Storm many more happy hikes in the coming months and years!