I moved at the end of February, so March has been full of lots of new stuff for me. I think I did pretty well adapting to new people, a new house, new beds, a new kennel and lots of other new things. My new humans are pretty impressed with my great loose-leash walking skills and calm demeanour in public settings. I have been enjoying some new hiking areas and have been to 3 different lakes this month. We are working hard on my recall skills. I am pretty good, but sometimes my nose gets the better of me, and it takes me a minute or two to focus back on my people. I have had quite a few playdates this month, and they say that I play really nicely with other dogs. I am pretty gentle, especially with the little pups.

I am looking forward to more time in the sunshine and maybe a few more dips in the lake next month.

Submitted by: Pam & Rob McGregor