Well, I think that Fall is here. We have so many leaves on the ground at my place. I really like to help with the raking. Mostly I just watch, but it is fun to be outside lying on a pile of leaves! This month we visited a very busy orchard where there were lots and lots of pumpkins and people. Pumpkins seem to be a thing this time of year as we have quite a few around my house too. Puppy classes are back in full swing, so I get to see some of my PADS friends every week. I have been pretty good about keeping to myself and just focussing on my work when I am in class. My durations are great! I am working hard to polish up nice square heels and sides. Also, I heard that there were some fireworks on Halloween, but it didn’t bother me – I just slept right through it! 

Submitted by: Pam & Rob McGregor