Swift settled in quickly to the kennel and became best friends with her kennel mate Sydney. Swift has claimed the bottom bunk and loves to just relax with Sydney during the day. Both Swift and Sydney have a very quiet, lowkey energy they bring to the pack. With both of them in the same dorm, I find they’re just sleeping peacefully. We took it easy this week and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office with her handlers, and playtime in the yard. Swift really enjoyed meeting all the new puppy friends at school and brings her wiggly energy to class every day. 

Swift has adjusted to working with the Advanced Training Team well and has been doing well in the new environment! She has been very enthusiastic about refining her skills to be the best version of herself. Swift really enjoys playing with her friends in the yard and is having fun working on her durations (she has the wiggliest bum in the class!). She prefers being with her handler and gets attached quickly. She is a bright and gentle girl. A quirk that we are working on is her confidence. Swift is naturally shyer, so we are working towards having more confident energy around her! She’s working hard on being a “girl boss” and tries to come to class brave and boisterous!

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Swift!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department