December was such an exciting month. I turned 1 YO!!! My hooman took me to a toy store, and I got to sniff everything, and I got a new Benebone and Stuffie. The Stuffie didn’t last long… My hoomans also brought a tree into the house and decorated it with balls. I thought that it was just too exciting to have balls hanging on a tree. I wanted to play with them, but they put a fence up around it so I could only look at them. There were lots of little people around and then one morning everyone opened presents. I loved playing with the paper. We spent lots of time shopping. I even met a big guy dressed in red and white. I thought he was super scary at first, but we took some time, and he was really nice and fed me treats. And then there was the snow! Oh, I love snow. I had fun playing and leaping and sniffing and didn’t mind that it was cold on my toes. I finished the month visiting my friend Jewel and her guest Cheshire. We are great snuggle partners. 

Submitted by: Penny Naldrett